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Apaurin Diazepam to Manage Anxiety Disorders and Symptoms

Apaurin, popularly known as Valium, is one of the oldest and best known sedatives in use today. There is a number of medical scenarios in which Valium is beneficial, and the drug can effectively treat a wide range of psychological issues. It's main function is the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. This medication works by calming the brain and nerves. Diazepam belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines.

Dosage varies for each situation, taking into consideration the patient's age, medical history and condition. Your healthcare professional will give specific instructions for taking Apaurin.

The dose for healthy adults ranges from 2 mg to 10 mg taken 2 to 4 times daily. Dosage for elderly patients and patients with liver conditions are often smaller at the beginning and will be increased or adjusted accordingly.

Things you should know before taking Apaurin Diazepam?
- This medicine causes drowsiness and muscle weakness and impairs concentration and alertness. These effects may continue into the following day and are made worse by drinking alcohol. If you are affected you should not drive or operate machinery. Do not drink alcohol while taking this medicine.
- This medicine is generally only suitable for short-term use. If it is used for long periods or in high doses, tolerance to and physical and psychological dependence upon the medicine may develop, and withdrawal symptoms may occur if treatment is stopped suddenly.
- Treatment with this medicine should usually be stopped gradually, following the instructions given by your doctor, in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms such as rebound insomnia or anxiety, confusion, sweating, tremor, loss of appetite, irritability or convulsions.

Can I use other medicines with Apaurin Diazepam?
It is important to tell your doctor or pharmacist what medicines you are already taking, including those bought without a prescription and herbal medicines, before you start treatment with this medicine. Similarly, check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any new medicines while taking this one, to make sure that the combination is safe.

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