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Loss of erection during intercourse. Causes?

First, it must be mentioned that the loss of erection leads to a psychological problem caused by two fundamental reasons:
– Not being able to prove one’s own virility;
– Not being able to satisfy the partner with whom sexual intercourse is desired;

These reasons lead a man to an immediate emotional collapse, entering a state of anxiety which only aggravates the situation.

dysfunction erectile treatment First, it must be said that in most cases – especially among young people, the loss of erection is due to psychological factors, such as the “performance anxiety” that leads to a loss of erection before penetration or on the point you are putting the condom.
In these cases do not panic and no anxiety, just try to relax and not think of sex as an excellent performance that must receive a vote in the end; think only to satisfy your own excitement in a totally natural environment, without worries.
Even if you are young and you have an organic problem, you must treat this problem, you should consult an andrologist who will recommend an appropriate treatment for your situation.

When you are an adult, loss of erection causes are mainly of hormonal and vascular nature. After 50 years, there is already a decrease in testosterone problem that causes erectile dysfunction or impotence in severe cases.

Concerning loss of erection due to vascular problems, it is easier to understand the mechanism: there is a decrease in the blood flow to the penis and as a result there is a difficulty in erection.
Pills for erectile dysfunction like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra do serve to increase blood flow to the penis, causing a good erection.

You should know that even in advanced age lack of erection causes may be psychological. The reasons may be due to stress at the workplace for example, or due to other relationship issues.
In these cases, the most important is not to panic and seek the right solution for your problem, trying to understand that many people are in the same situation, and there are remedies for this problem and they do work.