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Treat anxiety disorders with Atarax (Hydroxyzine)

Atarax (Hydroxyzine) is an antihistamine drug that is sometimes used to treat generalized anxiety or panic disorders. Taking Atarax (Hydroxyzine) for anxiety is generally very effective in the short-term, but it is not a good long-term solution due to its high incidence of side effects, especially sedation. Hydroxyzine is more effective when taken on a regular schedule, but may also be taken as needed.

treat anxiety Like other antihistamines, Atarax (Hydroxyzine) works by slowing the body's central nervous system, which in turn reduces fight-or-flight responses like rapid heart rate, halts the onset of a panic attack, and relieves general anxiety. It tends to take effect very quickly and wears off within six to eight hours. Hydroxyzine is generally prescribed at doses of 25 to 100 milligrams up to four times a day, but many patients prefer to take it only as needed. Patients should not take this medication at a higher dose or more often than was recommended by a healthcare professional. They also should not stop taking it without first consulting the professional who prescribed it.

Taking Atarax (Hydroxyzine) has advantages over other sedative treatments, such as Alprazolam, for some patients. Unlike Alprazolam, Atarax (Hydroxyzine) is not habit-forming, and very few patients build up a tolerance to it. The effects, however, are not as strong as those of some other medicines.

atarax for treat antiety disorders As with other anti-histamine drugs, taking Atarax may cause one to be dizzy and sleepy even after several hours from intake. Some people may also get blurry vision and so many doctors advise that those taking this drug must not drive a vehicle or handle machines that require alertness and full attention. This drug can also have adverse interactions with other drugs and so it is best to fully discuss with doctors what other drugs one is taking and/or what other medical concerns are being experienced or treated.

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