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Top Best Weight Loss Pills

Here are the top 5 best diet pills sold over the Internet:

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Reductil (Sibutramine)
In comparison with other oral drugs acting in the stomach and intestines, Reductil acts in the brain. It works by reducing the sensation of hunger. It is above all other appetite suppressants.
You get a sense of fullness, even if you haven’t eaten. Reductil is a satiety enhancer. Nutrition poor in calories combined with physical exercises and the use of “Reductil (Sibutral) can be very effective in weight loss.
Cost: from Euro 50.51 per 1 box of 30 pills

Xenical (Orlistat)
This is the first diet pill on the market (since 1998 in Europe). Xenical is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Roche. It occurs in the digestive tract to prevent certain enzymes, lipases, break down triglycerides into smaller components. Thus, this drug eliminates 30% of fat in the stool without passing through the digestive wall so without being absorbed by the body.
Cost: from Euro 60.88 per 1 box of 30 pills

First diet pill approved by the FDA (since Xenical). Alli is specifically for people with a BMI equal to or greater than 28. Taking this product should not be the sole purpose of losing a few pounds; it’s a complete treatment of weight loss for people considered obese. Alli acts as a sensor of fat by blocking about 30% of the absorption of dietary fat during digestion.
Cost: from Euro 40 for 42 pills

Acomplia (Rimonabant)
Clinical studies have shown that one third of those who were treated with Acomplia were able to lose 10% of their body weight without gaining a single pound for the next 2 years. Most patients who used Acomplia have lost about 20 pounds. Studies show that weight loss treatments with Acomplia (Rimonabant) may also reduce cravings for nicotine.
Cost: from Euro 63.97 for 24 pills

There are many positive comments from those who have tried it. This product acts on the digestive system by blocking fat absorption from food. Its composition is 100% natural and made from a cactus called the Exotic Prickly Pears.
Cost: about Euro 55 for 120 pills

Important! Please read more info or consult a doctor before making the decision of buying any slimming pills online.