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Healthy Ways to Lose Weight for a Summer Bikini

The warm weather’s here and that means it’s time to shed the last of your winter clothes — along with the extra pounds you’ve been hiding underneath all those layers.

More daylight hours means more time for physical activity. And that can take all kinds of forms. Of course you can get out and work out, or simply spend more time walking. You don’t have to do a full hour all at once. And even if it doesn’t feel like you’re pushing yourself to the max, burning just a few extra calories a day can add up.

Skip the elevator.
With this simple strategy you don’t have to think about when you’ll fit in a workout — you’re already doing it. Taking the stairs at work or any building you’re in helps you shed pounds and maintain your cardiovascular health

Have sex.
Slimming down and rekindling some red-hot passion with your hubby? That’s called win-win. And in theory, makin’ more whoopie should lessen your desire to make a beeline for the snack machine. That’s because the brain has four satiety centers — sleep, hunger, thirst and sex. Food is one way the brain seeks to satisfy itself. So, from a neuroscience perspective, having more healthy sex should divert your food cravings.

Eat breakfast.
Eating a healthy, fiber-filled breakfast can curb hunger for up to 18 hours a day, so you don’t crave simple carbs and sugar,

Have a drink.
The hormones in our guts that tell us we’re hungry are very similar to the hormones that let us know when we’re thirsty, so sometimes our bodies get confused, thinking we’re hungry when we’re actually thirsty and having a drink will often quell the craving. But instead of soda, beer or juice, which can be packed with empty calories, reach for no-calorie water.

Fill your plate with summer fruits and vegetables.
Brightly-colored fruits and vegetables are chock full of the antioxidants. And, let’s not forget, they’re rich in fiber and low in calories so you can eat heartily without worrying that you’re “overeating.”

Eat Fish.
Eating fish will not only assist you in dropping those few stubborn pounds, but will give your body the oil it needs to maintain supple skin.

Dine outside.
Warm weather and more sunshine don’t just make for more opportunities to be active; you can also take advantage of summer days to eat less by eating outdoors. We eat less when the light’s bright.