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Tadalia (Tadalafil 20 mg Oral Strip) – a new treatment for people suffering from Impotence !!

buy now tadalia oral stip for treatment impotence Tadalia is a Mint Strip based on the Tadalafil – 20 mg the active component that provides the 36 hours effect. The advantage of orally disintegrating strips is that they provide the convenience of a liquid dose while preserving the dosage accuracy of a solid dose. The oral strips start to dissolve in less than 10 seconds, are rapidly absorbed and hence start providing the medical effect within 15 minutes. Erection can be achieved easily after proper sexual stimulation. Tadalia is manufactured with pure water based polymers and does not have any harmful solvents and very less in impurities when compared to other regular Pills or Jelly forms.

– Tadalia provides an oral administration route and rapid absorption.
– You have to just keep the Oral Tadalia Strip on the tongue and allow it to dissolve on the tongue for few seconds. It can be held sublingually for faster results. No need to use water.
– Tadalia is the only treatment for Erectile Dysfunction with benefits experienced in as little as 06-10 minutes. In case of pills you may have to wait as long as 1 hour for erection.
– Clinically proven to last more than 36 hours in some men.
– Dual action: Freshens breath while providing effective treatment for ED.
– Ideally suited for all type of patients who hate to take pills, for people who need instant effect, with difficulty in swallowing pills and who expect ease of carry and No water required.
– The complete pack easily fits in your wallet or pocket.

Using Generic Tadalafil Oral Strips is very easy. Just put a single 20 mg Tadalia strip on your tongue and let it disintegrate. As soon as it dissolves it will give you a fresh flavour in the mouth and the active ingredient Tadalafil will be instantly absorbed into the blood stream. The medical effect will start in less than 15 minutes and last for upto 36 hours after administration of the dose.

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