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Viagra, Cialis and Levitra – which is the Best?

Are you tired of losing control every time you make love to your woman? Do you want to discover sex positions and tips to help you last longer?
Below are some useful tips and position suggestions that will allow you to delve into your sexual desires without fearing that the finale is just a pump or two away.

Keep in mind that it takes more than just sex positions to help you last longer. First off, you need to keep a positive frame of mind. Don’t turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy by continuously telling yourself that you can’t do it. You can, especially if you believe you can.

If you have some sort of medical drawback, like erectile dysfunction, then these tips to help you last longer obviously won’t work for you. Be realistic and get yourself to a professional as soon as you can to optimise your sex life with products like Viagra or Cialis.

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photodune-194672-happy-intimate-couple-having-fun-in-bed-xsRelax and be positive. Premature ejaculation is as much a physical issue as a mental one. Try not to create a self-fulfilling prophecy by labeling yourself as sexually incompetent in any way. Approaching sex with confidence, self respect, and a positive attitude rather than fear and self-doubt can make all the difference for both you and your partner.

You’ve probably heard practice makes perfection. Well it’s a fact when it comes to masturbation. The more you play with yourself, the more you’ll learn about yourself and know what your key points are such as when you’re close to ejaculation. Knowing that will help you immensely once you get to do the actual act.

You never want to rob a lady from foreplay. Learning how to use her senses to your advantage can be key. Touch her, but not genitalia just yet. Kiss every part of her body while touching other parts, but stay away from her vagina and nipples. She’ll have you begging soon enough.

Oral isn’t part of foreplay as it’s a form of sex. Expecting her to receive and not give is a no-no. She’ll return the favor if you do it right, but you must initiate it.

Lots of men complain that condoms decrease pleasure and sensitivity during sex, but if you’re trying to last longer in bed, that might be just what you need.

So now you have her begging for you. Remember to have that self-confidence at an all time high. Believe in yourself. If you screw like a jackhammer (fast), you may wanna slow it down here and there and vice versa. Learn to switch it up speed-wise and also learn the correct timing on switching positions. If you feel like you’re about to ejaculate, slowly pull out and leave it out until that feeling goes out. Kiss and touch her while you’re doing this to keep her going.

Never forget that sex isn’t a race. Slowing things down can make things last a lot longer and feel more pleasurable.