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Weight Loss Pills: Pros & Cons

When you’re trying to improve your health there are few things better for you then losing weight. In pursuit of this goal you may be considering weight loss pills as a dietary aid. There are both benefits and drawbacks of using weight loss pills to achieve your ideal weight.

weight loss pills pros cons


  • There are certain weight loss pills out there, such as the Xenical (Orlistat) pills, that have been FDA approved.
  • The biggest benefit of Xenical (Orlistat) is guaranteed weight loss. Research has clearly demonstrated that people who use fat blockers experience up to a 10 percent decrease in their total body weight.
  • Certain weight loss pills block a percentage of the fat in the foods that you eat.
  • They are not considered addictive drugs.
  • Weight loss pills are also known for getting rid of those hunger pangs that you may have throughout the day. This can be good for people who have eating disorders and overeat. But in order to lose weight, you cannot just sit around taking diet pills, you have to also combine it with exercise and healthy eating.


  • Weight loss pills have been found to speed up the central nervous system (the spinal cord and brain).
  • Some weight loss pills out there have diuretics or stimulants in them. The diuretics and stimulants are known for causing irregular heart rate, nervousness, sleep problems, seizures, high blood pressure, and even death.
  • Some of the side effects that you could get include high blood pressure, dry mouth, constipation, insomnia.
  • Weight loss pills are only for those that are considered obese, and for whom other weight loss methods have not worked. These are not for anyone just wanting to lose a few pounds.

Weight loss pills are one option for successfully losing weight in a short amount of time. Only you can decide whether weight loss pill will effectively meet your needs based on your weight loss goals and current state of health. Before taking diet pills it is essential to talk to your doctor, who might recommend a complete physical checkup.